Jul 10, 2011

Challenge #3 Oh so festive.

Hi folks !

For project Blogway we had to do a festival outfit.
First I was like 'hmm for what kind of festival ?'
but as soon as I went to my closet I tried putting some outfits together.

Because we've been having some good weather
I put an outfit together that makes sure it's not to hot while you're lying
in the field enjoying the (good) music of your favourite artists while
drinking something refreshing and eating some junk food.
(NO dieting @ festivals people!)

So here's my festival look and I hope you guys like it !

Sunglasses - Glamour magazine
Bikini - H&M
Salopet - Unknown
Bangles - H&M
Bracelet - Hard Rock Café
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Sandals - Asos

Hope you guys liked it , unfortunately you can't vote for me anymore.
But mabye next time when I post my pics for challenge #4,
The Kate Moss inspired look.
Don't really know how I'm going to pull that one off
but I'll figure it out. Haven't found that bang on look yet.

Furthermore I hope you're all having a good vacation!
I spend my weekdays working in a hospital cleaning
(yes I can clean, it's one of rare talents), relaxing
(my feet hurt at the end of the day), watching antm,
having a drink and much more.
Weekends are a lot more busy because I tried to
see my friends as much as possible and going to the movies,
having some more drinks, going out for dinner, attending b'day parties
and ofcourse going shopping !
I already shopped for like 250 big ones and I still don't have
everything I need. (Yet again I can never get enough)
I bought 3 pairs of pants, 2 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 lace bodies,
3 pairs of stockings, 2 shorts and a lot more.
(yes I'm a mainly a budget shopper)

I <3 shopping , but food is my number #2

Home made coconut ice cream popsicles !

Before I forget I have some news.
I was chosen out of all the applicants for
Elle's It Girl by Mango. (So excited !)
I won a gift certificate from Mango for 500 € (Ka-ching)
but I already decided not to keep it all for myself so
I'll be buying something for my sisters.
Check it out here !

Well that was it for this post  & I wish you all a nice day !

Me & Haide waiting @ the busstop
just came from the movies :
Bad teacher