Mar 16, 2011

Almost here : Forever 21 !

The American clothing store Forever 21 is expanding itself to Europe.
Last year it first set ground on European soil in Birmingham and Dublin.
Now it's been said they're opening a store in Brussels this June !
But wait there's more good news, a second store will open in the centre of Antwerp in July or August.
Other countries such as Austria (Vienna), Spain (Barcelona) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam) will also profit from the fashionable budget friendly store.

Forever 21 initially started out as Fashion 21. The first store in Los Angeles (Fashion 21) was founded by a South-Korean genuis / current CEO named Do Won Chang. By investing the profit in opening a new store each half year, Forever 21 now has over 80 stores.
A must see is the mega store in New York, Times Square,
8. 400 m² of fashionable clothing , accessories, underwear and shoes!

So I suggest you start exploring the forever 21 online site !
You might find something you could look forward to!

I'll see you in July (Meir), you'll find me under a pile of clothes.