Jun 14, 2011

Busy Weekend ! xo

Hi folks!

It has been a busy weekend.
I finished my exams last friday (Free at last),
so as a result I tried to make up for lost time.
Saturday I went to Zwijndrecht for a shoot with Els Vanopstal
& Mua Kathleen Van Walle
and Sunday I went to Ghent for a shoot with Dries Vanackeren.
Here are a few preview pics !

Els Vanopstal

They also took some analogue pics

Dries Vanackeren
I've also been reading a few books from Renske De Greef.
She's a dutch writer and writes about love, sex and friendship.

Books I still have to read !
I read the kite runner in dutch before but it's really is a good book.
My peppers are growing ! *woop woop*

Well this was a little bit a summary of what I did this weekend
except for have breakfast and such with my family.
Oh right I also bought my tickets for a fashion show @ Antwerp.
Tickets and more info click Here.

I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow , a little bit nervous.
Hope I don't wake up during the process (too much imagination).
But I hope you guys had a great weekend too
and maybe I see you guys @ the fashionshow ? 
I'll be going this friday the 17th. 

Have a nice day xo

Ps : I'm in the Mango It girl comp.
check it out if you like @ Elle.be .
For those who don't know me personally
my name is Renée Van Osta.