Jun 6, 2013

TPI - La Fille d'O & MDM Flow !

Hi folks!

In a previous post I stated that a week ago I went to The Public Image where the MDM Flow launch and the new collection of La Fille d'O took place.
As I arrived it didn't take me long to get in the mood. Nele Moens the owner of TPI is what I call a boss. The music was hot, the drinks were flowing, cupcakes were up for grabs -yum yum- and the crowd was growing. Needless to say the vibe was definitely there.

MDM Flow was giving free make-up trials and everybody could try a color or assemble their own unique kind. A small crowd quickly gathered around the table as everyone wanted a mini make over - why not right ? - . I was glad I got there early so I didn't have to wait long to get my lips done. I said she could go nuts and she gave me two toned lips - red & black- . I loved the combo but decided to press my lips together as it was inevitable. The result was as if I ate a whole bowl of red and black liquorice. Looked smashin' if I may say so. Price range for a self made lipstick was about 20 € -nice huh ! -.

After my successful turn at MDM Flow. I concentrated myself on La Fille d'O. I must admit I can't afford any of the pieces but that doesn't really say much because I'm totally broke - why isn't valentine 2 times a year! - . I can't say anything bad about the quality. The design as well is impeccable. It really accentuates the female body at its best.  If you're looking for good quality the price is right. You can also order it online but if you're in Antwerp I highly recommend a visit to TPI.  The fact that the designs are one of a kind is a plus. The Public Image is known for it's unique goodies - match made in heaven -.

But enough of the blablabla. Here are the pictures !

PS : Thank you TPI for inviting me !


Soe Youknowmysteez

Jilze from The Oval Office

Farah from Fashion Fabrice !