Mar 10, 2011

My Diana !

Hi folks!
As I mentioned to you all earlier I bought a new camera.
It's not just A camera , it's THE camera.
With my birthday money I bought a Diana mini wonderland camera.
I'm so happy with my new cam in alice in wonderland design,
it's perfect for taking cool pictures on crazy or even quiet days.

I bought mine in Urban Outfitters, it cost about 144 euro.
That might be much but I believe it's a good investment
because you get more than just a camera, the package also included a flash,
colour gels and a hotshoe adapter.
It's really easy to use and I almost shot 3 rolls which I'm going to get developed.
Hope the results will exceed my expectations and I'll show them to you asap ^^ .

Here's a pic of me with my fab Diana  :

If you are curious about the Diana or would like to see what else UO has to offer
here's a link :,5,shop,home,homecategories,photography

Enjoy !

<3 Ren.