Mar 9, 2011

DIY : Easy nail drawings

Hi folks!

It's been a long time I know ! I'm really sorry.
But here's a little pick me up for today.
Yesterday I was a little bored and I remembered that I'd bought
an essence nail art pen a while back.
So I decided to test it out and do something simple.

I used a pink - peachy colour nail polish from H&M which cost me about 2-3 euro,
the nail pen which costs approximately 2 euro and a topcoat from essence
that I had for a while (the reason why the label isn't there anymore :p).

It's really simple to apply.
First you use the peachy colour and apply it on your nails.
When that's dry you can draw anything you like with your nail art pen .
I drawed ghosts on my thumbs but as I mentioned before you can draw anything you like.
Because the tip of the pen is verry thin it's easy to draw fine lines.
Afterwards just apply the topcoat. The nail art pen is water based so this is necessary
Hope you liked it !


Ps : I bought a new camera, so i'll be posting about that verry soon ! <3