Nov 22, 2010

Customisez-moi IV

Hi folks,

Somewhat about one week ago the 13th of november a fashion show took place at Brussels.
Customisez-moi IV is an event organised by Bernard Gavilan.
Young designers are competing against eachother for winning a 5,000 euro cash prize and a pop-up store !
The goal was to costumise 10 outfits and display their work as it runs down the catwalk.

Here's a short film of the show :
The designer who's clothing i had to wear is Julie Menuge.
I really liked her designs, although the hours were long and i was really hungry
at the end it was all worth the run.
That's why i really thank her for giving me this opportunity.
Here are a few pictures of her designs.

It was a great show but there could only be one winner, and here he is :
and here is his collection :

Also here are two other clips you just have to watch ! :

Hope you'll enjoy the vids !