Nov 16, 2010

You'll remember her...


It's been a while, i know and i'm super sorry ^^.
This post is about a woman that has been on a lot of sites recently.
Her name is  : Anna dello Russo aka 'the lady gaga of fashion' !
and believe me she lives up to her reputation.

Anna dello Russo is the fashion director of the japanese vogue.
She's known for her interesting style but also for her large amounts of designer clothes. Anna has an extravagant style and she's proud of it.

She really loves fashion and she even has an appartment just for her clothes in Italy, Milan !
This isn't surprising as she almost never wears an outfit more than once.

It's a woman with a killer body and a killer fashion style.
A fashion darling, front row'er @ fashion shows, stylist, blogger, ...
Just gotta love her.

Here are some vids, enjoy !