Oct 20, 2010


Hi folks,

So as you might have noticed on the right side of my blog is a link to lookbook.nu.
It's a wonderful site where people can upload pictures of themselves with a certain outfit
they'd liked to share with others. Because there are so many people with gorgeous outfits,
I've tried to do somewhat more of an effort instead of slapping on some clothes and take a picture.
This time i've put some work into it. Here are the pictures of the making of.
So in the beginning I put hot curling rolls in my hair. I don't have super long hair so it didn't take that long.
! Not : before using heated curling rolls or a straightner always protect your hair with a product. I use L'oreal playball that protects my hair of getting damaged.

After doing my make up I took out the rolls and put the curls into the right shape.

This is the stuff i used to transform myself, haha. Before i began putting on my foundation, I always put on a daily moisturizer ( I use Natural Beauty from Niveau which has light reflecting particals that even out your skin on photo's). ! Every day you should start by cleasing your skin. After applying the the moisterizer you take your foundation and put it in an empty cup. (I use an empty cream jar.) With a clean foundation brush you take some daily moisturizer and mix it with a small amount of foundation. After applying the foundation with your brush and afterwards applying concealer you can fixate it with some loose powder.
The rest of the make-up you can choose. I like to use tones that come back in my clothing. This time i used gold eyeshadow and a black eyeliner.

This was my first test shot to figure out the right position of the camera.

This is a locket i bought a few years back from H&M. I love the fact that i can put a picture in it (my bf's).

This little red bag was my mom's bought from the philipines. So cute !

In this picture you can see the turban up close. I made it myself with the directions from a video i saw on
http://www.girlscene.nl/, do try it ! If you do it by hand it takes a lot of time but it's worth it.

I hope you've enjoyed this making of! The result you can view on  : http://lookbook.nu/mellowxyellow
You may hype , but it's not obligated.

Enjoy your day !