Jul 22, 2011

Challenge #4 do the Moss.

Hi folks !

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting very often
but as I said before I have to work during the week.
(Sucks but i'm thinking about all the money i'll have at the end of the month.)

Here are some photo's of my relax Kate Moss look,
due to bad lighting and crappy weather I had to improvise at home.

Faux fur - unknown
Blouse - H&M
Fake leather legging - Bershka
Boots - Ken

So again so sorry for the poor quality ! Too bad I didn't make any close ups
cuz I did the typical smokey Moss eyes.

But my pics of this week (that I will post in a day or two) are way better ^^.
This weeks challenge was Cowgirl so you will see my yiihaaa pics soon !

I also went to see the new Harry Potter 7.2
and suprisingly (considering I've only seen the first two) I thought it was good.
Occasionally you could notice things going really fast probably due to time shortage.
Have you guys seen it already ?

Okey enough for this post but more to come !
Next week will be my last week of work (finally !) so I'll have more
energy & time to post more stuff for your entertainment !

For all you communication /marketing people here's a guerilla marketing
stunt you won't forget quickly.

Have a nice day !