Oct 28, 2012

Song of the Day !

Hi folks !

Yesterday was a chill day and today is sunday. Another day to sit back and relax.
One of my fav things to do when I'm feeling lazy is watching Tv-shows online.
I just finished up with Community, saw the entire show in 2 weeks or so.
That means  = it's good stuff. (My fav person is Abed <3)
Here's the intro song of the show. Be sure to check the actual show but keep in mind that you have to watch at least the first 3 episodes to get a good ''taste'' of what you're watching to get an impression.
I just done my nails and watched the new epi from criminal minds and an epi of ANTM americans vs. brits.
This evening I'm going to the movies to watch 'The broken circle breakdown'. For the trailer click HERE.
Hope you guys have a nice day !

Arizona Nails
(sorry for the fugly face :D)