Oct 29, 2012

Broken Circle Breakdown

Howdy folks !

I went to the movies yesterday with my sister and her friend. I saw a Belgian movie "The broken circle, breakdown' by Felix van Groeningen which was very melodramatic. It was based on a play of Johan Heldenbergh.

I kept my handkerchiefs close because I knew I was going to need them. All by all it was a good movie if you like crying your eyes out. I can't say much more about the movie without giving too much away. But it really is a must see !

Coat - UO
Bag - Mango
Jeans - UO
Sneaker wedges - UO

My sister <3
(don't you love her hair -which I did-)

Here's the trailer :

Our song of the day is also from this movie, enjoy!

Have a nice day !