Aug 13, 2011

Elle's cocktail party @ Tommy H. Prep-Up store @ Knokke

Hi folks !

Last thursday I had the opportunity to go to
Elle's cocktail party at Tommy Hilfiger Prep-up Store @ Knokke.
I took one of my best friends Christophe with me and we had a great time.
There were so much pretty clothes that I could definitely
see myself wearing. I really liked all those popping colours they used.
One thing's for sure they make Preppy-look HOT.

Blazer - Zara
Dress - Zara
Clutch - unknown
Heels - New Look

Me & C <3
Pic taken by Elle.

Afterwards we went to McDo' and had a (double) cheeseburger
C took fries. hmmm junkfood (*drools a bit*).
Before I forget yesterday and today was/is Linkerwoofer @ Linkeroever.
I went yesterday with my sisters. The best of the evening was
Clement peerens, with his straight to the point and
based on every day issues lyrics. It was funny and amusing.

Check out who's playing today HERE
Have a nice day !