Apr 27, 2011

Tumblr Mania

Hi folks!

What I've been wondering for a long time is why tumblr
isn't as popular here in Belgium as in other countries.
Do we not like pretty pictures, collecting them en sharing them with the world?

Perhaps most of us aren't aware that it's out there and it's free...

What I have seen is people collecting pretty pictures and 
post them in an album on FB.
Which makes no sense for me. It's very exhausting that you have to keep 
clicking to see a new picture. People who make those albums may or may not 
put comments underneath the pics but I pay no attention to it because
my brain is telling me to keep clicking, keep clicking
so I can see what pic that comes next.

For all you people that are thinking : "why don't you just view the entire album?"
Well I'll tell you why ! Those images are way to small to be viewed that way
and it's really annoying that I can't see it larger without opening an extra frame.
That's one of the things where FB went wrong. (Same goes for that new profile
they made everybody use.)

But don't get me wrong I like collecting pictures too. I just don't post it on FB.
I do it oldskool. I cut out my fav pics from magazines and put them in my scrapbook.
I have one for over a year now but I'm getting behind with my work.
My book is stuffed with pictures of clothes/models/hairstyles/...
but a lot isn't glued on yet.
But I don't mind the work because my book reminds me of me and who I am,
what I like and what I look for. Sometimes it inspires me to make my own drawings
of people, clothes,...

I believe that's what Tumblr is all about.
It gives people to opportunity to show other people
what they like and at the same time show them who they are, what their interests are.
There are different kinds of tumblrs. You have people who post girly pics, nature pics,
animal pics, food pics, sentences and so on..

People also have the opportunity to follow people. 
It works like a blog, once you follow a person you will recieve a notification
everytime they post a pic. The strange thing is, there isn't a lot to read.
All you can see are pics and sometimes a link or a sentence written underneath.
I think the source of it's popularity is emotions. Every pic evokes an emotion,
sometimes good and sometimes bad.

That could explain why tumblr is so popular with young girls going through
puberty. They're going through a vortex of emotions and this might be a
way for them to share their emotions with others or seek confirmation.
But maybe that's too far fetched.

My sister has a tumblr which you can see here 
It might seem stereotypical to pick my sister for my blog.
But I don't care. I like her style. 
She describes her style as: "A scrapbook of all that is
pretty, cute, yummy and fashionable."

Here are more of her quotes :

"There's also a downside to it all, some people asked to be followed if they follow you. That's one think I do not do. I only follow someone if I like their style. I don't do popularity contests"

"What's also disturbing is that I often see 'no carb' being posted meaning the girls are on a diet. Sometimes those girls are about 15 years old."

"My Tumblr is like a scrapbook but cleaner and easier."

She also told me that if you have many followers you could
become an editor. She herself doesn't pay any attention to it because
and I quote: "As long as you pick pretty pictures and people like your style
and are curious what you will find next they will follow. Becoming an editor
isn't that hard, the people just have to follow."

So now it's up to you.
Are you tingled by the whole Tumblr experience or
are you a silent viewer like me that just looks at the pics but will never take the step to make an own account.

Let me know if you've been Tumblr'd !