Apr 29, 2011

(Con)Temporary Fashion Days !

Hi folks!

Yesterday me and fellow blogger Laura went to the (Con)Temporary Fashion Days.

We visited a couple of stores by which we discovered many new designers and brands
such as Joanne Vanden Avenne, Nico Taeymans, Atelier 11,...

Here's Laura in front of the pop-up store where many designers sell their past collections at lower prices. With some of them we fell in love. 

I bought this ring @ Nico Taeymans.
There was a lot of jewelry for sale at low prices.
My ring only cost 5 euro !

We adored these bags from Michaël Verheyden !

Instant love @ Joanne Vanden Avenne.
Luxurious fabrics and design combined.
We got an amazing service, she was so friendly !

Creative and playful jewelry design @ Atelier 11.
Behind Laura there was a closet filled with cool jewels.
I felt like a child on a treasure hunt !

Afterwards we went to this store where I bought my fabric
you can see underneath the pamflets.
What I will do with it you will find out later.

We ended our day with two stores.
Annelies Timmermans where we spotted gorgeous bags
which we would have definatly bought if we had the money.
And afterwards we went to Bruno Pieters and
I was amazed by the clothes, textiles and craftmanship.

It was a beautiful day but very exhausting!
Next time I go, I go with (a lot of) money
 and some comfortable walking shoes.

How was your experience @ the (Con)Temporary Fashion Days?

PS : Read Laura's report here