Apr 25, 2011

O'neill surf babes

Hi folks!

I've got great news for all you girls out there.
O'neil is organizing a competition to become an O'neill model.
But this isn't a normal modeling competition.

So what do you have to do ?

1. Go to the O'neill Girls site @ facebook
2. Click on the side bar left -> Become a model !
3. Fill in your data + pic
4. Let everybody vote for you and post your pic @ facebook.

What do you win?

12 girls will be picked and have to put O'neills newest item to the test @ IBIZA.
The SUPERKINI ! I can imagine you guys wondering : "what's a freakin' superkini?"
Well a superkini is a biniki especially made for woman that rather not lose their top
while taking a plunge in a pool/ocean/sea/ ...
The top and bottom keep in place the entire time.
These girls will be picked at the end of May and will have to compete to be
the new O'neill model on a runway that ends with a plunge.

The winner of the challenge will not only be the new model of O'neill
but will also get a photoshoot and recieve a 1000 euros worth of O'neill products.

Sounds like a good deal!

For all you girls that don't feel like entering, there's always
the possibility to win a bikini just by voting.
A superkini will be given every week to a voter during 6 weeks.

Here are a few examples. I like the pink one !

Well good luck girls!

PS : The deadline is 15 may