Apr 26, 2011

Gossip Girl - pretty in pink xo

Hi folks!

The newest GG aired 12 hours ago and I hope you watched it.
The fairytale of Dair (Dan + Blair) seems to have come to an end.
A new prince has arrived, oui oui !

Previous episode we saw Blair closing her heart to Chuck
because she believed he wasn't ready.
Prince Louis came to visit Blair but had to remain low profile
thus his parents do not approve of Blair.
They say she's too common ?!?

While Serena and her cousin search for the truth behind Venessa's message.
A big event is taking place later that day : the pink party.
Although the rich do charity that doesn't mean they're nice.
Lily has been cast out by the elite but eventually gives them the boot
at their own party.

Blair desperatly seeks help and demands lonely boy to help her out.
She and Dan come up with the plan to throw Louis adviser of track.
They stage a kiss but get caught by sneaky Charlie.
Which instantly turnes into a GG blast +  vid.

Charlie finds out Dan has a thing for B.
Dan finds out V told Serena about his kiss with B and
damn he was pissed.

It's all drama à la GG.
But wait there's more !
To keep it short Raina Thorp went looking for her mother
but ends up finding the wrong person.
She's dissapointed and never wants to look again.
So does Chuck because he knows the sad truth.

We can't all have a fairytale ending,
but it seems like Blair might have gotten hers.

Ps: spoiler alert !