Mar 17, 2014

Face routine - Skincare

Hi folks.

I just wanted to make a quick post about my daily face routine.
People who know me know close know I always put my 'face' on to start my day.
Because I use basic make up every day I also believe that skin care has to be taken seriously.
It's very important to cleanse your skin in the mornings and evenings.
Otherwise you might suffer from black-heads, break-outs, ...

Now my mornings and evenings start with me cleansing my skin with several products.

My morning routine starts with me brushing my teeth and washing my face with water. 
Then I take a cotton pad and put some tonic on it.
It really freshens up my skin. I usually use the one from Diadermine but I'm out right now so
I couldn't put it on the picture above. The next step contains my bottles from YSL forever. 
I love this serum and I believe I'm at the age that I'm able to use this kind of product.
On top of the serum I put on some daycream. I swear by a good daycream. 
It's very important to choose one that's good for your skin. This one from Olaz
might work for me but it might be terrible for you. I always see that there's a SPF factor in it.
If there weren't a SPF factor in it, I'd be obligated to put sunscreen underneath my daycream
to protect my skin from sunlight and pollution.

My night routine is slightly different. As I mentioned before I wear make-up on a daily base
so it's very important I clean my skin before going to bed. If I didn't do so my skin would be
in bad shape. It's like brushing your teeth before sleeping, it's a habit I'm glad to have.
With my micellar water from Vichy I take off my make-up. I love products from Vichy,
I've been using them since I was a teenager when I had a lot of out-breaks.
Of course I'm not using the same products but I am using another line that fits
with the skin I have now at an older age.

After removing all the make up I take my new Mia 2 cleanser and some cleanser
from Vichy Normaderm (it helps against oily skin or out-breaks).
They advise to use it on your forehead and chin for 20 seconds and 10 seconds 
on every cheeck. I use it 10 seconds per area because my skin isn't used to
having a brush scrubbing my face daily. I only use it in my evening routine
because I don't want to aggravate my skin and after a day of make-up
a good cleanse is the way to go. As finishing touch I put on a night cream and head-off
to bed.

Putting my face-on is one of my frequently used sentences.
Almost everyday (except when I'm really sick or stay at home) I put on my face.
For a daily look I use the items you see above. I use a BB cream over my daycream,
a cream blush (sometimes I use a solid blush), concealer, touche-├ęclat, mascara, eyebrowpencil
and some neutral eyeshadow.

The all-in-one BB cream I got from YSL is new, normally I use BB cream I buy in the drugstore,
from Maybeline or Garnier. But other than the fact that it's pricy It does the job.
Of course I have the most light version but it realy blends in with my pale face and it looks very natural.
As for my blush, I like using pinkish tones for daily use. It gives me that young fresh look. 
My concealer palet from Catrice is helpfull when you're dealing with dark circles, red spots, ...
You can buy this palet in your local drugstore (Kruidvat, Belgium).
I always put on some touche ├ęclat. I swear by it and fun fact : so does Kate Moss.
Another important thing is eyebrows. As you can see on the picture below mine aren't perfect
but you should've seen them when I was 16 (yikes). I always color them in but some days
it is easier than others. I really like my eyebrow pencil from Hema, good price-quality.
 As finishing touch I put on some neutral eyeshadow and some mascara.

Wham Bam I'm done !
It sounds like I do a lot but hey I can do this under 5 minutes.