Feb 6, 2014

Happy nails @ The Public Image

Hi folks ! 

Good news, next saturday and sunday you can get your own happy nails.
Happy nails a book written by Elfi De Bruyn will come alive next weekend
when you and others will get the chance to get your nails done by miss Elfi herself.
If you want to know more about the woman behind the book feel free to visit her blog www.glamatheart.com
Nail polish will be provided by Beauty-Queen THE nail art place to be. 

All this will take place at the awesome The Public Image, a concept store in the streets of Antwerp.
If you guys don't know this store by know, I'm sure you've never read my blogposts.
The owner Nele Moens awesome and so is her store, drop by and you'll get to know her.

So if you wan't to get your nails done son 
just send a mail to my girl : nele@thepublicimage.be.

You won't regret it !