Aug 20, 2013

London Snapshots

Hi folks !

Some of you know I went to London for a couple of days with le boyfriend.
Well our journey started when we had to rush for our train at Brussels South.
Completely unprepared we had no idea there's a 30 minute check-in ahead of time!
After a good run and sweat we managed to get on board, so off we went!

We arrived in the midst of the night. Eventhough it was only half past 8 it was pitch black outside. My boyfriend isn't ''pro'' tube so we got ourselves a taxi to rush over to the hotel, and rush the taxi did.
Within a few minutes we got to our hotel, The Trafalgar Hilton hotel. Sounds fancy huh ?
Needless to say the hotel , lived up to it's name. Our stay was wonderfull and our daily morning breakfast
was delish !

First day we went to see the Imperial War Museum, London Dongeon and Sea Life.
Educational, spooky and adorable sea creatures  !

Second day we went by foot tot Buckingham Palace, National History Museum and the Science Museum.
It was so crowded ! I believe we spent more time at the gift shops then at the musea itselves.
I really love giftshops, so much cool stuff that I can't find here. I'm a suckers for souvenirs.
We ended our day, as any other day, with shopping on Regent and Oxford street.

The third and final day we spent checking out, going to the trainstation, dropping off luggage and walk around the neighbourhood. We ended up going to Camden Town ! A friend of mine advised me to go there.
It was said to be an up and coming town with an alternative twist. And it sure was ! I visited the local Urban Outfitters, as you should always do so. Went to a tea house and visited the local markets where I bought a couple of t-shirts, pictures will come later !

I must stay I didn't know what to expect of London. In the beginning I felt so small in such a crowded yet pleasant city. After those three days I almost felt home, but yet home is where the heart is and mine is in Belgium, Brasschaat.


Top/vest/skirt - H&M
Shoes - New Look