Jun 25, 2013

New In !

Hi folks !

Just a quick post 'bout two thing I just bought. Even though I love make up from Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Clinique,... I can't always afford buying all my make up from upscale brands. So from time to time - mostly when I'm broke - I just can't resist buying a lipstick or gloss from my local drugstore.
Today I bought Catrice's Infinite Shine lip gloss an Max Factor's Firefly.

I must admit I already have shades of lipstick that I really don't use very often but hey you never know when you just need that perfect shade to match your outfit or nails ?

So below you can see the two tones I bought today.  It's been a really long times since I've bought a gloss. It takes me back when I was young and I was addicted to gloss. I always like red because I think it suits me the most.

My sister has a lipstick from Chanel in a beautiful soft shade of darkish pink - dutch : oud roos -. Every time she keeps her stuff unattended I tend to put on her Chanel, feeling like a million bucks. Amazing what lipstick can do. Now I'm proud I found a similar shade for a third of the price that still gives me that million-bucks-feeling.

Hope you like the pictures. The quality isn't great because there's something wrong with my camera but it's good enough to see the shade and texture.

What do you guys think ?

Catrice, Infinite Shine lip gloss - Little Red Dress 120

Max Factor  - Firefly 755