Apr 15, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Hi folks !

Sorry for being absent lately but I'm smack in the middle of my exams.
I've been studying but yesterday I managed to make some time to celebrate my nephew's birthday!
I ate a lot of cake -still feel a bit sick- but most important of all I took a lot of pictures.

The good weather -the only good weather we'll have- made it possible to BBQ. The weather was heavenly so we all sat outside and enjoyed the weather, food and each other.
One of my oldest and best friends came too. She's the one that's on a lot of pictures with me.
I'm always happy to see her even though we don't see each other often.
It was a day well spent!

I'm wearing a top I stole from my mother's closet. On rare occasions I find something pretty.
My trousers are from H&M and my owl necklace is something I bought a long time ago at a flea market.

Hope you guys had a nice weekend too x