Apr 24, 2013

Press days @ Marnix & Ally

Hi folks !

Last week I went to the press days @ Marnix & Ally.
I've posted about them a while back -the previous press day- and the brands they represent.
This time was no different, in summation a great agency with great brands.
Aside from the drink and the delicious food I must say I'm really impressed with the new collections.

I felt reunited with brands as SILIS, Kennel & Schmenger, Just Julia, Bluette, Tkees, A WARD/T, Lore Van Keer, Mieke Dierckx, Colette, OMYBAG, Marco Tozzi, LN Knits, ...
However I also fell in love with new brands such as Diamanti Per Tutti, 2 Flamingos, Damn, Sock You, Estall and many more !

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, I really hope you like them as much as I do.
A special shout out to the ladies @ Marnix & Ally for a warm welcome and an amazing Press Day goodie bag !


Who doesn't need a perfect summer bag with matching shoes and accessories.

Inflate your bag - This summer's beach bag!

Bluette - Right on trend !

What's this , Bluette went all out with a matching bag !

Enter the classics, quality at it's best with O MY BAG.
The fact that it's made out of eco leather is such a plus!

! NEW :  Sleeves !

Lore Van Keer  - Speaks for itself no ?
Intricate design in all different kind of shapes.
! new : Gold !

Just Julia  - Accessories with a twist.
Fact : the bag and the big bracelets are made of fish skin !

I'm dying to own that spider bracelet !

Bang on trend !

Mieke Dierckx for your one of a kind accessories!
! NEW : Bags , picture bellow ! 

LN Knits , LN beanies  and LN Andes.
Good self-made knitwear with a story !
! NEW : check out the children goodies on the right !

Estall - A lamp you can dress.
Gives a whole new meaning to interior design !

Marco Tozzi

Marco Tozzi - Boots anyone ? 

Rudi Respeel design -  available at Baroness O.
!Baroness O.  is a must see site for one of a kind items!
DAMN - That's what I call a fine and multifunctional accessory !

Kennel & Schmenger - Shoes that are worth the money!
(my apologies for the dark picture !)

Sock You - New brand with a message
AWAY with boring socks !

2 Flamingos - The most amazing prints you've ever seen.

A WARD/T - Coherent classic bags but with a twist !

Diamanti Per Tutti -  Newcomer of the season.
I fell in love with the new collection designed by Sofie Valkiers.
Trendy and youthful is just what this brand needed.
Plus the price is right on the money, this is what I call a bargain.

Diamanti Per Tutti - Their own collection took a turn too.
I love the bracelets on the left !

This leather lunch bag from by Marie Turnor
sure beats mine from zara !
Available @ Baroness O.