Mar 20, 2013

Day at the museum

Hi folks !

Yesterday my bf and I went to the natural science museum @ Brussels.
It was just a spur of the moment thing but eventually it turned out to be a great trip.
We went there when we were little -didn't know eachother then-.
I only remembered the dinosaurs but my love for dino's might have been the cause of me not
remembering that this museum is huge and there's so much to see!
As I was ready to go my boyfriend held me back and said there was a lot more to see.

So we explored the rest of the building where we discovered beautifull yet sometimes weird creatures.
We saw spiders, bugs, stuffed animals, butterflies, ...
The museum really tried to make the educational part interesting with interactive "do it yourselves".
Visitors get the chance to discover things by pushing buttons, swinging handels,...
All senses were spoken to. Not only would this be great for school outings but also family trips !

Here are some pictures and be sure to visit this museum.
It really is a must see !