Nov 2, 2012

Halloween !

Howdy folks !

I had an amazing Halloween (got drunk and slept like a baby).
Btw never ever drink Gold Strike or mix with other drinks, nasty but makes you drunk pretty fast.
I went as a zombie school girl , I took the pictures in my kitchen because I was
too lazy to go outside (freakin' cold out there !).

I also went to the book fair yesterday and bought 'IT-girl' books. It's from the same writer as the old school gossip girl books but the story is about Jenny Humphrey. Nice chick literature for when you need to 'no-brain'. I still have to read my Dexter books, so I can keep myself busy when in time of boredom.
(Still waiting for new episodes of all the shows I'm watching !)

Hope you guys had a great couple of days !

Home made appelstrüdel with cinnamon ice cream <3

Wounds made out of gelatine and tissue paper

Schoolgirl outfit
Everything by H&M
except stockings by Romwe

Spiderweb nails for the occasion

Haide with Kobe @ the Book Fair

Mother and son 

Cutie spotted !