Jun 24, 2012

Weekend x

Howdy folks !

It's been so crazy lately. I went to the opening of Lomography Gallery Store @ Kammenstraat, Antwerp.
If you're ever in the neighbourhood you should definately check it out !
Follow their facebook page & on twitter.
After that I went to a student party of the club Brabo <3
Had some drinks and laughs but most important of all I took pictures ! (will follow asap)

Me & Nina @ lgs (she's like my little sister)

Yesterday I went to The Public Image to buy my Jeffrey Campbells !
The awesome lady in the store was so chill and was totally head over heels for my pooch.
Feel free to follow their facebook page & twitter account.
PS: The shop will be moving soon to a better & bigger location !
For the opening party check the event page on facebook !
Really you better be there or you'll regret it.

My new baby's <3

Hope you guys had a nice weekend !