Apr 11, 2012

Boxbagg DIY

Howdy folks!

I recently did a DIY simple Boxbagg.
My bf got a new leather wallet from my family for his birthday.
I really liked the box and I decided to make a little purse/bagg out of it.
All you need is a chain you can get at stores such as Veritas and some glue.
My box already had ribbons that serves as a lock but you can easily
make one yourself with ribbons, a button, ....
Here's the result of my BoxBagg :

So what do you think , YAY or NAY ?

Hope you guys like it though.

BTW: I recently saw Snowwhite the movie and guess what it SUCKS B*LLS !
The trailer was so misleading ! Don't watch it , you'll be crying yourself to sleep
cursing yourself why you ever thought it was a good idea waisting almost 2 hours of you life
watching a sucky movie that ends up in a failed bollywood scene.