Dec 21, 2011

Last few weeks recap xo

Sweater - Vintage
Owl necklace - Souvenir from Spain
Headband (Haide) - X'mas Market
Yellow scarf - Zara

These past few weeks have been very exhausting.
I've been sick & my father passed away.

To keep myself distracted I had friends and family I could count on.
Christmas is nearby and you can tell by the lights in our town.
I've also been to a Christmas market  where my sis and I bought a winter headband to keep our ears warm!
I also went to the movies a few times and saw 'Immortals', 'Puss In Boots' and 'In Time'.
My fav of all three was Immortals, then In Time followed by Puss In Boots.
One of my current addictions is Arizona. Those sweet tea drinks, gotta love them!

Hope you guys are having a nice week 
and Happy Holidays !