Nov 20, 2011

Pure Press day ! xo

Hi folks!

Last thursday I went to the Pure press day.
Here are the pics I'd like to share with you.

A great brand for skincare based on
the science of opthalmology.
If I ever make enough money I'd seriously buy it.

Looks good and affordable
but yet to be persuaded.
This calls for a test!

Phyton is hot right now.

Eye catcher clutch.

Isabelle Enfant
Don't you just love it ?

Serge Lutens - available @ Senteurs d'ailleurs.
You've never smelled a good perfume
If you've never smelled this one.

Santa Maria Novella - available @ Senteurs d'ailleurs
That's some good tobacco smellin' soap.
I'd like to soak in it all day.

Deborah Lippman
I love the green one with a bit of shimmer.

One of the coolest hats I've seen.

Lovely fellow bloggers.
Julie from strutter view and Laura from the-shoe-issue

I had such a lovely time and the people @welovepure were so friendly.
I'd like to thank them for their hospitality and (ofcourse) the opportunity.

Hope you guys had a nice week!