Sep 10, 2011

Last Friday Night ! xo

Hi folks!

Last friday I went to Noxx with a friend of mine Angelique
for the shooting of DJ Rebel & Dj Guy'do their videoclip
for the song remix of  'Celebration'.
Although I must admit I never heared of them before it was kinda fun.
We were extra's so I don't think we'll be seen in the actual clip or maybe a glimps
and there's also the power shortage.

During the making of the clip the power in the entire street went out.
So we had to wait a while before help came but then disaster struck !
When the repair men tried to put the electricity back on all the pluggs were still in.
Imagine a whole lot of instalations, mega speakers, lights, ... all getting power
at the same time. You can guess what happened next, so it would be surprising
that we heard a big bang when they put the power on and smoke came out the doors.
All dressed up for nothing because we were sent home packing.
But I was happy to catch up with my friends so it wasn't in vain.

This is the reason Noxx didn't open last friday.

Dress - Mango
Bag - Mango
Heels - New look

Have a nice day !