May 22, 2011

Happy weekend ! xo

Hi folks !

I hope you're all having a splendid weekend .
My weekend had started @ UO.
Me, my sister and my friends had a drink, did a little shopping and glared
at the exhibition of Mous Lamrabat.

Me and my sister bought  :

Big lash mascara - 7 Euro

The one on the outer right 'Hot coral' -  8 euro
The one in the middle was in my goodybag from Glam*It.

What was in our goodybag : an ipad bag which I would definately use as a regular bag
 and a beautiful scarf
Me with the scarf !

With my new nail polish and my old ones I tried out the marble technique!
It's a bit messy though =D I guess i have to practice it more ofthen.
But it looks pretty awsome if you clean it up a bit.

My sisters, my sisters fiance and our future brother in law @ vuile was.

Saterday we went to a total of  3 bars. 2 in Antwerp and one in Brasschaat to end 
a great evening. So far a fantastic weekend.

What did you guys do ? 


Have a nice day ! <3