Apr 10, 2011

Wonderful Weekend !

Hi folks!

I'm so sorry I didn't post anything yesterday but this weekend has been a bit hectic.
Saturday I did groceries with my family and afterwards
I went out to dinner with my friends from school!
The occasion was to celebrate my birthday(that was 1,5 month ago :p) and Sara's
(a close friend of ours). It's a small tradition we've been doing for almost 2 years.

We went out to dinner @ lucy chang.
I had nr. 60 en it was so much I couldn't even finish my dish!
That means a lot comming from me.
Because Sara knew some people who worked there we got a big discount,
which was so freakin' nice.
To end our evening in a positive note we had a drink @ Nero ('t zuid).
Had a blast and then headed home.

Today, like every sunday, I had breakfast with my family , it's a tradition
since my eldest sister moved out to live with her bf.
I also did my nails and took some pics for lookbook.nu.

And here are the results !

These are my panda nails ! Cute no ?

The lookbook picture!

Some shots that weren't fit for lookbook but I still consider to be prettty.
! check the handbag, it was one of the presents I got yesterday.

I had a wonderful weekend and I hope you guys had a good one too!
It's a great way to start the vacation.

Btw I won't be posting anything from 12 till the 16th next week because I'll be on vacation @ spain, valencia.

Have a nice evening !