Apr 5, 2011

Song of the day xo

Hi folks!

It look like it's going to going to be a cloudy day but I guess
we'll make the best out of it. Yesterday I baked cookies for my sisters class.
She's studying to be a kindergarten teacherand still has a few months to go
before she gratuates but I'm not doubting she'll succeed.
Afterwards we went to donate blood. It was her first time and I'm glad she came along.
She's one of my best friends and I wouldn't know what to do without her.

She also has a tumbler account, you can see what it's all about here

Today I'm going to buy some fabrics for my sister.
She's making bunny ears for the children in her class.
Afterwards I have to do a fitting at someones school. She studies fashion and
I am happy to say I'm one of her models. Pictures will follow ofcourse.

But enough jibber jabber here's your song of the day !

Have a nice day !