May 14, 2011

Friday's Look of the Day xo

Hi folks!

Too bad Blogger was down for a few days.
This post was supose to appear friday.
But what the heck I'll post it anyway .

So friday I went to Glam*It Fashionably Late party @ Oxford.
Had fun, chatted with some people, drank some cocktails
(my fav : minth n lime with Liefmans), ate every appetizer, gazed at the ├╝ber tall models who
were walking around with beautiful clothes from Milly and ate <3 Candy.

Ooh ja not to forget the music was awsome and we got a goody bag!

My chill Day outfit !

Blouse/Zara, Belt/Unknown, Shorts/H&M, Glasses/Glamour

My night outfit !


Goodybag : Eyeshadow, booklet from Milly, nailpolish, ...
Had a great time with my sister, Catherine from Whatever a Go Go and
Christine from Christin Ho's Blog cuz DAMN IT we <3 reading Glam*IT !
Thank you Glam*it.

Tomorrow I'll be @ Youth Fashion Day
Hope to see you there !